Tom Ngi

B. Eng. Electrical, B.A. Computer Science and Economics


Tom founded Maxus in 1995 to develop a suite of middleware products for the forestry industry after working for the telecommunications and utilities sectors in Europe. Since then he has been involved in a variety of software development projects in psychometrics, manufacturing, tourism, SCADA, and medical equipment. His areas of expertise are in high-speed communications interface design, industrial automation, data historians, and web applications.

In recent years Tom's primary focus has been on specialty databases and tools for psychometrics data collection and analysis. Applying his experience from industrial automation and the world of high speed data collection to psychometrics, innovative ideas are being put into practice in the collection, analysis, and reporting of personality assessment data. Tom is currently working on pilot projects to integrate these tools with our partners in the careers and education sectors.

Arthur Fallick

Ph. D Applied Urban Studies

Specialist Programs Development

Arthur brings a background in academic administration, applied research, urban studies and strategic planning. Formerly Associate Vice President, Research at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Associate Vice President at the Technical University of BC, Arthur’s experience using design thinking and his expertise as a facilitator have resulted in collaborative partnerships between academic institutions and a range of industry sectors and community organizations in different parts of Canada. These range across food systems, cleantech, economic development for SMEs, health-tech, agri-food, environmental protection technologies and design prototypes.

Arthur currently advises several post secondary institutions on innovative strategies to address Canada's skills gaps, including the potential contribution of micro credentials and enhanced experiential learning projects.

Alecia Price

B.A. English, B.Sc. Pharmacy

Special Projects Consultant

Alecia has been designing user-focused application systems for large corporations and the public sector for more than a decade. She played roles as product and project manager on teams developing electronic health systems, patient registries, and community health applications in both Canada and the United States. As a senior business intelligence analyst on provincial and federal “Big Data” projects, she brought data and business intelligence into multiple organizations and agencies. As a product manager for a multi-national aerospace and defense corporation, she led a team which designed a real-time telemetry and operator control hardware and application system for use in airport ground control equipment.

Alecia loves being the bridge between people and technology and using her knowledge of public health and social services to effect positive community change.

Steve Aspey

B.Sc. Distributed Information Systems, Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)

Special Projects Consultant

Steve has an extensive background in technical architecture and systems design in industries as diverse as pulp and paper, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and financial and legal services. As a software engineer and Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), Steve brings considerable technical skills to the mix.

In recent years, Steve has worked as a consultant for numerous companies in Europe, North America and Australia, advising on IT strategy, software design, cybersecurity risk management and technical architecture. Most recently, as Chief Technology Officer, Steve helped steer a startup in the legal technology field to a successful public listing in Australia.

Bianca Pokhrel

B.Sc. Bioinformatics/Computational Biology and Statistics (Hons.)

Software Engineer

Bianca has a background in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Statistics. She brings a unique perspective on the intersection between computer science and personalized medicine. She has completed research terms at OICR and at CAMH in conjunction with her specialized degree from the University of Toronto. Bianca specialises in software development of web and phone apps for graph databases.

Warren Chu

B.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics (Hons.)

Software Engineer

Warren completes his Bachelor of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Toronto in December 2021. He and Bianca are co-winners of the 2021 UofTHacks hackathon. Warren is experienced in programming Android phone apps, web API development, cross-platform apps, and graph databases. His areas of interest are machine learning and noSql databases such as Neo4J and Redis.