Employment Linked Scores and Assessments (ELSA)

Software Products and Services for Psychometric Assessments

ELSA is the umbrella name for our on-going projects to develop technology to support the delivery, administration, collection, analysis and reporting of psychometric tests for use in career counselling, job-search and other ground-breaking areas. The goal is to create an easy to use AI-driven system which can be integrated with our partners' diverse websites and applications in order to provide services to help students and workers make career-related decisions, find jobs, and connect with resources that are most relevant to individual needs.

We teamed up with TalentClick, an established Canadian company, to provide ELSA with industry standard Personality Assessments used by many organisations in both the public and private sectors. ELSA will enhance the ability of companies, individuals and networks to integrate psychometric data, aptitude testing and related analytics into their applications.

  • Developing Psychometric and Aptitude Assessments technologies
  • Mapping skills, personality, and preferences to career paths
  • Providing professional quality tests, data, and advice to career professionals
  • Expanding the general public's access to industry standard assessment tools
  • The Right Jobs for People = The Right People for Jobs.

Software Development Services

Software development from start to finish.

Our team has over 50 years of combined development experience covering a wide variety of industries. We are solutions specialists, able to take an idea from concept to production through the entire development life cycle. We can advise on the best technical solutions for your business needs, whether it is utlising the best off-the-shelf products, customizing existing systems or building brand new solutions to match your requirements.

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Custom Software Development
  • n-Tier Solutions
  • Database Design
  • Web Applications

Design Thinking, Integrated Planning and Collaborative Partnerships

We help academic and industry partners build strategic and applied solutions to collaboratively identified challenges and resilience issues.

  • Academic, Strategic and Applied Research plans
  • Collaborative funding and implementation strategies
  • Building institutional and organizational capacity
  • Knowledge Exchange and Mobilization plans